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Alexandria West is a public service educational organization dedicated to the Perennialist view that the world's great currents of spiritual and religious thought, both ancient and modern, have more in common than not. That human spiritual traditions, ancient and modern, have within them the echoes of a primordial and universal spirituality that may be discerned in each.

Special Collections

Alexandria West is dedicated to the preservation of archival material pertaining to all perennialist movements and personal spiritual quests for the purpose of mantaining for future read more click here.


Featured - Alexandria West Library Collection

(Under construction)... to read more click here.


We specialize in classical and current source works concering the Perennial Wisdom Traditions found in world religions, mythology, philosophy... to read more click here.

Meetings Schedule and Descriptions

All classes, discussion groups and seminars listed below meet in Turlock, CA. Workshops, retreats and fieldtrips are in Stockton or Modesto, or elsewhere, as designated. To read more click here.