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News and Events

Alexandria West currently hosts two public seminars per year with the aim of addressing topics of popular interest and or practical concern relating to current events and life's issues.

Study Couses and Seminars

For thjose interested in deeper study, ongoing groups meet throughout the year except during the summer, when "field trips" are organized. The study groups provide students with background knowledge converning the world's religions and spiritual traditions, and their significance to ourselves and today's world. Among the topics and sacred texts we offer for study are:

- The writings of Plato

- The Upanishads

- The Dharmapada

- The Book of Enoch

- Canaanite

- Babylonian and Hebrew Mythology

- Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah

- Zoroastrism

- The Background of Christianity

- Gnosticism

- Christian Mysticism

- Neo-Platonism

- Medieval and Modern Islam.

In addiction to theoretical approaches, Alexandria West also hosts classes addressing proactcal application, concerning how to live a more meaningful life, making the world better for all, and being of greater service to others. Guidance is offered in techniques of meditation and spiritual development gleaned from various traditions.

Correspondence courses are also available. For details go to the correspondence courses page.