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Ancient Wisdom Applied to the Needs of Today’s Humanity.

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The Serapeum Journal

Though well received and enthusiastically supported, we regret that production of the Serapeum Journal had to come to an end after only two years (8 issues). Changes in technologies concerning the distribution of information has necessitated adaptations in how the public may receive that information. While these changes, so far, has not suceeded in the extinction of paper and ink journals, their continued existance is becoming increasingly problematic. The Editor.


While the Great library in ancient Alexandria served resident scholars, the "daughter library" at the temple of Serapis enabled travelers from afar to gain access to the same collected wsidom writings. In this spirit Alexandria West's publications, serve as a resource for those who live far away yet seek to explore the world's perennial wisdom traditions. The original articles and columns comment upon the current topics and offer insights concerning the nature and meaning of our own journey through life. In addition, the Serapeum carries significant reprints culled from Alexandria West Library's holdings of rare journals. The Serapeum's features and departments include:

- Stories of human spiritual quests then and now.

- Wisdom tales from all lands..

- Reviews of current books, movies and news items germane to the perennial wisdom today.

- Analysis of moral and ethical perspectives among different cultures.

- Current science and Ancient Wisdom applied to daily life.

- Poetry oriented to the spiritual quest.

- Current activities of Alexandria West's study group and seminars.


The Serapeum Issues.


 Summer 2003 (Premier issue) 8 pgs. $2.00

Alexandria West, its Aims and Beginnings

The Parable of Me and Mine (Chinese wisdom tale)

The Matrix (Movie review)

Transforming our Terror (Concerning American responses to 9/11)

Ecology Corner

Library Notes: Elias Ashmole


Autumn 2003 (No. 2)  16 pgs. $3.50

The Spiritual in Modern Art

Eve’s Gigantic Tomb (Lisa Millegan)

Plotinus and Plato (Kenneth Guthrie)

The Alphabet and the Creation (Jewish wisdom tale)

Music from an Old Mask (Music review)

The Metaphysical Club (Book review)

Cycles of Destruction and Re-Creation (Ecology)

Library Notes: Theatrum Chemucum Britannicum


Winter 2003 (No. 3) 24 pgs.  $3.50

Postcards from a Visionary Landscape

The Death of Moses: A Midrash

The Idea of the Trinity (Paul Carus)

The Possibility of Moral Development (On the ideas of Lawrence Kohlberg)

The Mussel and the Bittern (Chinese wisdom tale)

Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion

The Impact of Alternative Medicine

Secret Doctrine Questions and Answers (Book review)

The Word of Light (Book review)

Library Notes: The Most Noble Order of the Garter


Spring 2004 (No. 4) 32 pgs.  $4.00

  Mary Magdalene: Jesus Wife?  (Birger Pearson)

  Hypatia: A Tragedy of Lent (Alexander Wilder)

  Beyond Belief (Book review)

  Amaterasu o-mi-kami and Susano (Japanese wisdom tale)

  Cleopatra’s Final Triumph (Plutarch)

  Sound of a Different Drummer (Carol Gilligan’s answer to Lawrence Kohlberg)

  Homeopathy  (Alternative medicine)

  Air Pollution (Ecology)

  Library Notes: Anna Kingsford’s Perfect Way

  Sundays with Alexandria West


Summer 2004 (No. 5)  36 pgs.  $5.00

 The Troubled Evolution of Gertrude Bell.  (Marie Ramey)

 Conflicted Being (Flora Carter).

 Sumer: The Earliest Known Source of the General Gnosis (G.R.S. Mead)

 Adapa of Eridu and the Promise of Immortality (Sumarian wisdom tale)

 The Religions of the Book and the Quest for Certainty (Religious fundamentalism)

 Electromagnetic Pollution (Ecology)

 Sundays with Alexandria West


Autumn 2004 (No. 6) 40 pages $5.00

 Sariputta and Moggallana: The Buddha’s Chief Disciples (Ajit Murti)

Anagarika Dharmapala, Theosophy, the World Parliament of Religions, the Revival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and its Beginnings in America (The Editor)

The World’s Debt to Buddha (Anagarika Dharmapala)

Nature in Poetic Motion (Buddhist poetry. Brett Forray)

Deer Couple (Buddhist wisdom tale)

The Cocoon of Dreams (poem)

Gems of Buddhist Poetry from the Dhammapada (Translated by Paul Carus)

Buddhist Ethics: No Escape from Self-Responsibility

Energy Medicine

Three Environmental Books by Paul Brodeur (Book reviews)

Library notes: Anna Kingsford’s War against Cruelty to Animals