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We specialize in classical and current source works concernint the Perennial Wisdom Traditions found in world religions, mythology, philosophy, ancient and modern science. Additionaly, we make available our own publications and special hard to find works.

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The Perennial Wisdom, Fundamental Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky.  A study Guide.

By April Hejka-Ekins, Jerry Hejka-Ekins, Brett Forray.

This study guide was originally developed as an introduction to the perennialistic philosophy introduced by Helena Blavatsky in the late nineteenth century.  It may be used as a companion guide to the video, and to two early introductory text to Theosophy: The Key to Theosophy by Helena Blavatsky, and The Ocean of Theosophy by W.Q. Judge.  This is the textbook for our study course T101.

Paperback. 1990

xiv + 146 pp.  $9.95

Table of contents.

The Premises of Theosophy
The Ancient Wisdom
The Tradition of the Mahatmas
The Theosophical Society: A Modern Expression of the Theosophical Movement. Theosophical History
Core Concepts of Theosophy
The Three Fundamental Propositions
The Doctrine of Karma
The Teaching of Reincarnation
The Constitution of the Human Being
The After Death States
The Ethics of Theosophy
Brotherhood as a fact in Nature
Self-Responsibility and Duty
Studying Theosophy: A Learning Approach
Further Teachings
Misconception About the Theosophical Society
The Earth Chain of Globes and Rounds
Psychic Laws and Phenomena
Bibliography of Source Theosophical Literature


The Language of Mythology and Fairy Tales.

Published by Alexandria West.

This manual was originally developed for a study course on the study of mythology as a uniquely universal language.  It contains a multi-cultural collection of myths, and Fairy tales on the nature of reality and the origin of the world and of humanity.  The generous annotations, illustrations and diagrams help guide the reader into deeper insights into the layers of meaning to be found within these ancient and not so ancient stories.   This is the textbook for our study course M101.  

Three Ring Binder. Illustrated. 2001.

Vi + 115 pp.   $20.00


Keeping the Link Unbroken: Theosophical Studies Presented to Ted G. Davy on His Seventy-fifth Birthday

Edited by Michael Gomes

Ted Davy edited a remarkable Theosophical journal called The Canadian Theosophist from 1961 until 1991.  This historical journal, founded in 1920, focused upon the works of H.P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement which she initiated in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.  Under Mr. Davy’s editorship, the bi-monthly journal

became the source of information for those interested in the growing field   of Theosophical History.  Contributors to this book represent some of the leading scholars of the Theosophical Movement, who present a variety of topics from Theosophy’s myriad of subject matter and of course, its history.  

Illustrated Paperback. 2004.

xxix + 197 pp. $20.00

Table of contents:

Life with Ted. Doris Davy
Ted G. Davy: Bibliography of Publications
Ozymandias: Why Do We Do What We Do?   John Patrick Deveney
The First Fundamental Propositions of the Secret Doctrine. David Reigle.
The Previous Buddhas. Robert Hütwohl
The Secret Doctrine of the Rabbis. Henk J. Spierenburg.
Esoteric Christianity Reconsidered. Leslie Price.
Anagarika Dharmapala at the World’s Parliement of Religions. Michael Gomes.
An Early Attempt of Fraternalization. James A, Santucci.
Biographical Notes on Sri. B.P. Wadia. W. Dallas TenBroeck.
Victor A. Endersby, A Pioneering Independent Theosophist. Jerry Hejka-Ekins
Lizzie Authur Russell Theosophical Memorial Trust. Ernest E. Pelletier.
Personal Memories of Early Theosophists. Joan Sutcliffe
An Acrostic for Doris and Ted Davy.  John Robert Colombo.